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    There is beauty all around us. Take time out regularly to open up your maps and hit that "Explore" button on the maps and start exploring nearby gems. You will be surprised at all the marvels you will have missed so far.
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    Keep looking for places you would like to see. Whether it's a nice calm beach or a green buzzing forest. There are places to be found everywhere and that is the mission at Adventure Away. To document all the types of areas to find and explore.

    It isn't always possible to see each and every type of location. In our age, all the things you want to see are here to see. Visit our YouTube Channel and watch all the different locations there are to see!
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About Adventure Away

We often get so pushed into the rigour of daily routine that we don't get to travel much. In the hope of waiting for the next big trip, we ignore the beauty of sights around us that can easily be visited. 

AdventureAway aims to visit those local areas that often the holiday planners ignore to mention! We have the aim of travelling around Ireland and Europe and videoing areas that are worth visiting. The videos will be good to look at and get ideas of where you can plan your visits. I currently use My GoPro, Karma Drone, and a Nikon DSLR to capture videos.

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  • image We travel to places around our neighbourhood and document them using photos and videos which are used to make travel guides. Read More


  • image We create stunning and useful videos for our YouTube page that you can watch and enjoy with a new one every week. Read More


  • image We have a team of great photographers that take amazing travel photos that are available to view on our social media! Read More


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